IMP: Unique in a Group of Many

Individualized Major Program or IMP for short, is exactly what it sounds like; a program for students who don’t quite fit the mold of any other major program.  At first glance, to some this may seem like a really cool way to avoid all those tedious and boring courses.  Not the case, at all.  IMP students still have to take those same tedious, boring courses as well.  They are called “core courses” after all.  The IMP is not for the student who thinks that they can string together any group of courses to devise a major, a lot of hard work and effort goes in to creating a program.

Each student in the program must successfully convince the director of the program, that there was thought put into the potential major.  This is even before you are declared a (pre)-IMP student.  After that initial step, then the following steps may be taken:

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My Backstory

Allow me to set the stage for you.

I came to the School of Liberal Arts at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in the Spring of 2012 knowing exactly what I wanted to study, Entertainment Production.  Time off will do that for you, make you figure out what you would really like to do and where you would like to take your life.  I’ve known since I was fourteen where I wanted to go.  The dilemmas that I faced were: How do I get there?  Is it a practical career?  As well as constant suggestions that I should be a teacher or guidance counselor instead.


Pirates changed my life.

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